The Department of Education defines need as the difference between how much college costs and how much you can actually pay for it. The Financial Aid Office uses the following federal need-analysis formula to compute need for every student who applies for federal aid:

Cost of Attendance (COA)
-Expected Family Contribution (EFC)*
Financial Need

Catholic University does not meet full need. Your financial aid offer generally will not meet your entire calculated financial need because each federal aid program has annual and aggregate limits per student. Catholic University does not have sufficient funds to meet the calculated needs of all applicants. The difference between the Financial Need and your financial aid offer is considered unmet need. This amount is added to the EFC to calculate what the student/family would be responsible for paying. Unmet Cost (of Attendance) is calculated by taking the COA and subtracting the financial aid. However, there are several aid programs and options to fill the unmet costs. Our financial aid staff would be glad to discuss them with you.

*Additional income and asset information may be used to determine financial need for institutional need-based assistance.