Students moving from home or the residence halls to an apartment (or other rental unit) may be eligible to receive financial aid to help cover the cost of off-campus living expenses.

File the FAFSA or renewal FAFSA by April 15 and indicate your housing plans on the school section of the application. Priority consideration and financial aid funding sources are given to students who apply ON-TIME, after the deadline, financial aid awards will continue to be made, but all funding sources may not be available.

Your financial aid budget will be calculated to include a standard cost to live off campus. Because the cost of living off campus is similar to the cost of a housing assignment in Catholic University of America residence halls, your award will be approximately the same as if you were a residence hall student.

NOTE: Other factors such as filing a late FAFSA or renewal, family income, taxes paid, and assets etc. will affect your financial aid award. It is recommended you contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance with specific questions about your aid eligibility as an off-campus student.

When your total aid is greater than your billable charges for tuition, fees, and meals (if applicable), you will be eligible for a refund which can be used to cover your rent and other living expenses.

Refunds are made available at the start of each semester to registered students after all University (billable) charges are satisfied and student financial aid is applied. If you are interested in having your refund directly deposited into your checking or savings account you can sign up for the direct deposit online by selecting the CardinalPAY hyperlink in the Finances section of the Cardinal Station student portal. Refunds not delivered by direct deposit will be checks mailed.

Visit the Housing Services website for additional information when moving off campus.