Below are documents that our office may request. Be sure to select the documents that apply to the appropriate academic year.
2024-2025: Fall 2024, Spring 2025, Summer 2025
2023-2024: Summer 2024

Federal law requires that financial aid documents be hand-signed. Electronic signatures must be hand-drawn (from a signature pad, mouse, finger, or by taking a picture of a signature drawn on a piece of paper that you then scan and embed on the signature line of our forms. Learn more about signing electronically: Instructions for Signing Documents Electronically

Typed signatures or security certificate-based signatures are NOT ACCEPTED. 

Documents containing Personally Identifiable Information, such as social security numbers and mailing addresses, should be uploaded to Cardinal Students, not emailed. Learn more about uploading documents.

Future 2024 - 2025 Forms (available mid-summer 2024)

Classes starting in Fall 2024

Due to the delays related to the launch of the 2024-2025 FAFSA, forms are not yet available for the upcoming academic year. However, the Department of Education recently informed institutions that corrections for Appeals of Extraordinary Circumstances (also known as Professional Judgement) and Verification may be available by the end of June. Our office will release appeal and verification forms for the 2024-2025 academic year as we near the ability to make corrections. Continue to check this website for availability.

  • Verification

    These documents should only be submitted when requested by our office.

    • Dependent Verification Worksheet
    • Dependent Family Size Clarification Worksheet
    • Dependent Family Age Clarification Worksheet


    • Asset Information Clarification Worksheet 
    • Household Resources Worksheet
    • Rental Property Valuation Worksheet
    • Dependency Status Worksheet
    • Non-Tax Filer's Statement
    • Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose


    • Independent Verification Worksheet
    • Independent Family Size Clarification Worksheet
    • Independent Family Age Clarification Worksheet
  • Direct Loans

    • Federal Direct Parent PLUS (Loan Application and Instructions)
    • Federal Direct Loan Parent PLUS Denial Application (Denial) 

    • Federal Direct Graduate PLUS (Loan Application and Instructions) 

    • Loan Adjustment Request Form (2024-2025)
  • Other

    • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal
    • Notice of Additional Resources
    • Appeal of Extraordinary Circumstance 2024-2025
    • Catholic University Family Grant (Fall 2024-Spring 2025)
    • Computer Purchase Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request
    • Summer Financial Aid Application

2023 - 2024 Forms

Classes starting Fall 2023

All documents should be submitted as PDF files. .Zip files cannot be opened. JPEG or photo submissions may be delayed or unable to be processed.