Forms required to be submitted to our office are available as PDF Fillable documents using Adobe Acrobat Reader. This software is downloadable at Forms must be signed and dated in order to be deemed valid.

Typed signatures, even if made to mimic a signature, or security certificate-based signatures are not accepted. 


Typed signatures and digital IDs as pictured below are invalid and not accepted as signatures.

Examples of Unacceptable Signatures Below

Xtyped signatureInvalid Digital IDX

Signatures must be hand-generated. Not typed or created by a computer.

Please follow the instructions below to electronically sign your PDF documents. If you experience difficulty signing electronically, please print and sign.

  • Sign Using a Mac

    1. Once the document is downloaded, open it as a PDF in Adobe Acrobe Reader in Preview.

    2. Click on the pen icon located at the top-right.

    Pen Icon Top Right

    3. Click on the signature icon.

    Signature Icon

    4. A large grey box appear will appear, select the option you would like to use to create your signature.

    • If you choose to use the trackpad, click “Click Here to Begin.”
      Click Here To Begin
      • Once you are done signing your name on the track pad, click “Done”

    • If you choose to use the camera option, click on “Camera” at the top.
      Camera Option
      • Physically sign your name on a blank white paper, hold it so it is visible to the camera, and then click “Done.”

    5. Your signature will appear under the “signature” icon
     Signature Created

    6. Click on the designated signature until it appears on the PDF. (Do not click the “x”, that will delete your signature). Drag the selected signature to the designated signature location on the page.

    Signature Location

  • Sign Using a PC

    1. Once the document is downloaded, open it as a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    2. Click on “Fill & Sign” which is typically located on the right.

    Fill and Sign

    3.A new pop-up screen will appear, once this happens click on “Fill and sign.”

    Fill and Sign

    4.  You will then be directed back to the PDF. Click on the pen icon at the top of the page and then click on “add signature.”
     Sign with Pen Logo

    5. Once a signature screen appears, click on the pen icon to draw your signature.


    Select Draw


    6. Once your signature is drawn, click "Apply" below your signature.

    7. Your signature can then be moved to the designated signature panel.

    Signature Location