Catholic University, being a term-based credit-hour institution, cannot offer a federally approved Leave of Absence (LOA) option. However, students may request to be placed on Academic Leave for a future semester.

Students who must interrupt their studies for a legitimate reason, such as sustained illness or military service, may be granted an academic leave for a stated period, usually not to exceed one year. Requesting Academic Leave permits the student to return to the university within a specified timeframe without reapplying for admission. Academic Leave can only be granted for a future term(s) and cannot be granted once a term has started. Students that have to interrupt their studies once a semester has started will have to apply for a term withdrawal.

Undergraduate students requesting to be placed on Academic Leave should contact the Dean of Students Office. Graduate students should review the Office of Graduate Studies website regarding academic leave and complete the online Academic Leave/Withdrawal Request form.

Students on Academic Leave will be reported to the National Student Clearinghouse as ‘not enrolled’ with an effective date as of the last day of the semester in which they were last enrolled. They will enter their federal student loan grace period as of that date, and if they have previously used up their student loan grace period, they will immediately enter into loan repayment.

Please note: the Catholic University Academic Leave Policy does not meet certain Federal Title IV requirements, therefore a Catholic University Academic Leave will be treated as a federal withdraw and would be subject to Title IV Return of Funds calculation. Federal and Institutional Withdraw Policy Summary.