A student who has overborrowed Federal Student Loans is not eligible for additional Title IV Federal Student Aid until they have resolved the overpayment. A student who has inadvertently overborrowed may regain Title IV eligibility by making satisfactory repayment arrangements acceptable to the loan servicer. Learn more at studentaid.gov or by contacting your loan servicer.

This requirement can be met if the student agrees in writing to repay the excess amount according to the terms and conditions of the promissory note that supported the loan. This is called “reaffirmation.”

The Catholic University of America Office of Student Financial Assistance will only complete reaffirmation for students whose inadvertent overpayment of Federal Student Loans resulted from loans awarded to the student by Catholic University while the student was enrolled at the university.

Students with inadvertent overpayments originating from institutions other than The Catholic University of America must resolve their overpayment status with the Department of Education, the originating university, and/or their loan servicer.